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How far is Szeged? 
The client lives in Szeged with her family. She knew me via my paintings she already had OldiArt pictures: The Dogs with Glasses. When she contacted me and Andris that a house in Szeged should be turned into a real home, at first we were unsure to accept the job because of the distance. However, the client was persistent, so in the end we travelled to Szeged for a consultation. As soon as we saw the house and the environment as we first got sync with the client, we got excited and we knew it was going to be a very good job and collaboration. Moreover, thanks to this project, we are already more flexible in undertaking work further away from Budapest.

There's something wrong 
The family had been living in the house for 5 years at the time. Tha basics were those the client wanted white doors, neutral wooden floors, white kitchen furniture, brick walls, good spaces, strong industrial style. But something wasn’t right though, although the house was beautiful, the family didn’t feel really well at home. They couldn't really connect to their home and the feeling of complete happiness was missing.



and here we come 
So the task was to create the feeling of  a heartwarming home so that every member of the family would love to come home and be at home. During our conversations, the personalities of the customers, their style and their needs were outlined. It turned out that although they are still attracted to the industrial impact, we will follow a more elegant, complex and  more characteristic line. Of course, it was important to keep the needs of the whole family in mind.

Nest in the nest 
The bedroom is a special place within a home. We talked a lot about how the couple would like to feel here. They named the guideline words: intimacy, retreat, sanctuary. A nest inside the family nest. The huge, reed-woven lamp chosen from GOA Home refers to this atmosphere  just like the soft, abstract images, the loosely folded curtains, or the artlessness of the bedding and pillows.



How to turn a pair of pants into a wall panel 
One of the most important changes in the bedroom was the total cover of the walls. At the first meeting, the customer wore one of her favorite clothing, a green linen pants. The color was so beautiful and harmonized with the personality of the housewife that by the end of the conversation it became clear: this color would be our main direction in the net. Once we knew how to cover the walls with a wall panel/wallpaper combo, we adjusted the final, concrete colors to the pants.

Fawn vs. fleshy flowers - bolder hints instead of innocence? 
In addition to the characterful paneling of the walls, we definitely wanted an impressive wallpaper. We felt the enjoyable details could be piled up here. The first idea was a wonderful, wooded-fawn wallpaper, but as we progressed through the work, customers felt less and less like it. Finally, we found the playful plant wallpaper, which on the one hand gives a great contrast with its playfulness and softens the angularity of the panels, and on the other hand it rhymes with the geometry of the flower petals. In addition to the shapes, a new, exciting, warm-pink shade has been added to the nest, which the curtains softly encircle with soft creases. We replaced the bed with a larger, classic model that gives a hint of a hotel feeling.

Accessories, layering, final touches  
Although black contrast appears throughout the house, we specifically wanted to avoid it in the bedroom. We kept the corner chair and bedside cabinets because the natural wood furniture fits perfectly into the overall picture. The sconces are white, the abstract images on the wall with their beige-white color combination also enhance the naturalness. It was important not to use figural images in any way, or also to have landscape images, because that also brings calm vibes into the space. - Fun fact, the colorful series of abstract OldiArt images was inspired by this project! - In the end, we decided carpet is not necessary, the room is soft and layered enough and it's  easier to keep the floor clean this way.

The home-creating power of green pants 
Who would think that a green pants can define a space? This is one of the most exciting in our work: we never know where the real inspiration comes from. We try to know your thoughts, , needs and we listen to your questions One thing is for sure: when you are remodeling your home, you are at the center, and by watching you, we will do our best to strengthen that relationship between you and your home.




I would love to see you in the gallery till the next blog post, look around among the numbered OldiArt prints!

I wish you inspirational, connection-rich days until the next meeting!

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