Make your relationship with your apartment special so that you really feel yourself at home in it!

As an interior designer, I know and experience that a well-chosen image always strengthens the bond between the space and its occupant.
Why buy a dozen pictures when you can do it uniquely with an original oil painting or a numbered print? Speaking of the decoration at any point in your home, choose the one that really sets you apart, expresses your personality and the exceptional relationship with your home that is unique to you!

I am here to help you with my pictures.

Creation means more than experiencing creativity
I am Ildikó Oláh, interior designer and painter.
As a painter, creation is a creative process for me, which I can only turn to with an open heart. We shape each other with the nascent image: new, yet unknown feelings and thoughts are formed in me during the painting, the imprints of which are all there in the painting. The end result tells a lot about me and the world.

About you as well, who is looking at the picture.

Faith, playfulness, uniqueness
I paint stains, everything can be broken down into stains, and if I always pay attention only to the next given stain, the whole picture is already there in it. I show pieces of the created world, many features with many brushstrokes, many layers with many layers of paint. I try to do all this with humility, faith, playfulness, unceasing curiosity and joy.

What do you find on the site?
Mostly unique oil paintings and graphics, as well as premium quality, numbered art prints made from them. You can also order a custom painting! And if you are interested in interior design, take a look around the projects completed so far!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, whether about home decor work, paintings, or numbered art prints, write to me, I’ll be happy to answer them!

Have fun here, I wish the OldiArt image of your choice strengthens the unique connection to your home!

Oldi - Oláh Ildi